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Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Are you tired of seeing trash strewn in and along our waterways? Want to do something about it? Pick a section of stream that you would like to keep clean and adopt it. Come with your family or gather your friends, coworkers, or associates and become a member of the Adopt-A-Stream Program!

You will be provided training on how to conduct monitoring of the health of your adopted stream section along with how to execute a safe and successful clean-up. We will provide gloves, safety vests, bags and even pick up all of your bagged trash. In return for your commitment, you will receive a stream-side Adopt-A-Stream sign commemorating your service and join a community of action minded individuals who have made the decision to get out and do something.

The Knox Area Water Quality Forum in cooperation with the City of Knoxville, Knox County, and the Town of Farragut have partnered to form the Adopt-A-Stream Program, a citizen-based monitoring and litter prevention initiative intended to protect the health and serenity of our local waterways and educate our communities on the environmental concerns that impact them every day on a personal level. Our goals as an organization are to bolster our citizen's capacity to inspire positive environmental and social change through an elevated awareness of water quality issues, training on stream health monitoring, and an intimate involvement in the solution process through cleanups and other means reducing trash in and around our waterways.

Our shared vision is that all of the streams flowing through Knox County, the City of Knoxville, and the Town of Farragut will be adopted and collectively cared for by citizens, businesses, and organizations in our communities.

To Join the Adopt-A-Stream Program you will first need to define your team and select a coordinator(s) to be trained in Adopt-A-Stream protocol. As a group you should then determine the general section of stream you are mutually interested in adopting and the name of your group to appear on your Adopt-A-Stream sign.

We ask that our teams commit to annually conducting

1 Stream Walk: A quantitative visual assessment of stream health based on USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service Visual Stream Assessment Protocol.

3 Stream Watches: These are abbreviated visual assessments to identify changing stream conditions.

1 Pipe and Drain Ditch Inventory: Provides invaluable data to Stormwater Programs on potential stream pollution sources.

2 Stream Cleanups

When you're ready to take the next step, get in touch with the Adopt-A-Stream Trainer for your area. Your Adopt-A-Stream Contact will ask you for your group name, the name of your team's coordinator (who will be expected to attend the training, organize monitoring and clean-up events), the coordinator(s)'s contact information (address, telephone and e-mail), the location of the stream section your team wishes to adopt and the name to appear on the adoption sign.

Give us a call today and become a part of this rewarding service opportunity!

Parci Gibson / Knox County Stormwater Engineering (865)215-5861

John Shubzda / City of Knoxville Stormwater Management (865)215-4134

Jason Scott / Town of Farragut Engineering (865)966-7057

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Adopt-a-Stream Coordinators and Trainers can post to this calendar. Contact your local Trainer for more info.

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Adopt-a-Stream program unveiled



“We are drawn to water. We build our homes and our businesses near water. We even play in water,” said Tom Salter of Keep Knoxville Beautiful to kick-off the Adopt-a-Stream program. And because we build our cities near water, Knoxville, like most urban areas, has streams that are routinely trashed and need help.


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Green Party Adopts a Section of Second Creek

The Green Party of Knox County has adopted Second Creek from the mouth where it meets the Tennessee River upstream until it meets Cumberland Avenue. They adopted this section in 2003 and have done three clean-ups and two stream walks. They are very dedicated. Check out some photos from their clean-ups.


Photos 12-6-03

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Scripps Green Team

Scripps Green Team has adopted a quarter mile of Beaver Creek at the corner of Clinton Highway and West Emory Road.  The newest members of Knox County's Adopt-A-Stream family conducted their first clean-up and stream walk on Saturday May 30, 2009.  With a crew of four green team members and two Water Quality Forum members, approximately 10 bags of trash; 4 tires; 1 shopping cart; a grill hood from a kitchen; a cooler; a top of a metal trash can and a large sign were removed from the creek (all in just 2 ...more