In 1995, the Water Quality Forum took a giant leap forward in protecting our local waterways when it made the decision to sponsor a local AmeriCorps team! The Community Action Committee , or CAC, had recently established an AmeriCorps Program and was looking for partners to sponsor a team. And, the Forum was looking for a way to accomplish more. The partnership forged between CAC and the WQF has been a win-win for all. Nineteen Water Quality Teams as well as AmeriCorps members from the Town of Farragut’s Storm Water Matters program and the Knox Co. Soil Conservation District, have been guided by WQF partners.  In 2009, the Knox County Stormwater Program stepped up to become the sponsor of the Water Quality Team. In 2016/17, it is anticipated that the Team will once again be jointly sponsored by multiple Forum partners.

In return for the Forum’s support and leadership, each Team has energetically and creatively helped the Forum accomplish its mission. In short, the teams have been and continue to be true to the AmeriCorps’ motto, “getting things done” but to this we must add “with spirit and dedication!”


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