Dogwood Arts House & Garden Show Rain Barrel Giveaway

This upcoming weekend on February 14-16th, theĀ Dogwood House and Garden show will be taking place at the Knoxville Convention Center. As a part of the event, the Water Quality Forum and its members will be sharing information on how homeowners can reduce their impact on our local waterways. One example of this is through the use of a rain barrel! Rain barrels are a way to collect rainwater and reuse it for all of your lawn and garden needs while saving money on the water bill. The Water Quality Forum is going to be giving away a freeĀ Ivy Rain Barrel as part of the House and Garden Show weekend.

For a chance to win, please head over to our Facebook page. Once there give the page a like and fill out the short Google Form with your contact info from the Rain Barrel Giveaway post.

You must have done both of these things to win. See the post for further rules and details.