2017 Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) Grants


Download:  2017 ESP Grant application

 The Environmental Stewardship Grants Program is intended to improve the health of our community’s watersheds by involving its citizens in learning about and applying stormwater best management practices.

Applicants: Schools, churches, nonprofits, homeowner’s associations
Grant Award: Up to $1500.00
Submission Deadine: February 24, 2017
Award Date: March 17, 2017 Implementation Deadline: March 16, 2018

Unused funds: Must be returned to the Forum by April 2018

Please attach a description of your project (limit written description to one page and can be in bulleted format; photos of project site encouraged):
1) Project objective(s) (e.g., addressing erosion issue; providing hands-on learning experience)
2) Implementation approach including who will be involved
3) Long term maintenance plan
4) Estimate of supply costs (note: This can be a rough estimate and funds can be used for ongoing project maintenance like mulch for a rain garden.)

Application selection criteria will include: 1) environmental improvement potential; 2) ability for project to educate students/community about a stormwater best management practice; 3) long term viability – plans for how the project will be maintained.

All recipients will be asked to present a 5 minute overview of project results at the April, 2018 WQF Quarterly meeting.
Submit to:  thewaterqualityforum@ijams.org

Past Recipients

Farragut Stormwater Program

Halls Outdoor Classroom

Farragut Middle School

Austin East High School

Beardsley Farm

Hardin Valley Academy

South Doyle Middle School/Legacy Parks